Halethorpe, MD


August 16

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running, dancing, crotchet, sewing, managing my business (T.J.M. Virtual Assistant & Web Services), spending time with my family, cooking, laughing, meditation, catering to my family.

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I'm a fun person and at times quite funny. I can be sarcastic and very up front with people. The only time I'm withdrawn and quiet is when I'm meditating or when situations call for it. I live to love and enjoy life. I'm not moved by earthly materials and brand names. I look for the positive road and enjoy being taught new lessons about myself, even when the ugly is revealed.




Have started it. Currently I service 4 clients. I enjoy very much what I do, and it's a side business. However I'm looking to license it, and get a website. My King is a very talented Graphic Designer (designed Curtis Costs' "Vaccines Are Dangerous" book cover, Rev. Philip Valentine's "The Wounded Womb" bookcover, and many more. He and I work together. I desire to make T.J.M. Virtual Assistant & Web Services a huge success. There's no limit for me and my King. We are already making positive moves.


To work from home, manage my business full-time (T.J.M. Virtual Assistant & Web Services), and reap the benefits of buying a home, vacating with my family, saving lots of money, and doing what we love.

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  • YES! YES! Goddess love! You do make me PROUD of who we are!! :-) Can't wait to touch your spirit in person! See you on Saturday! <3
  • Hey there Sis! All is well on my end... well almost, been a lil sick since I got back from Ayiti last weekend but getting better. You know I'm more and more everyday getting certain we got someTHING between us because I was really, seriously, for real-for real thinking about you just like 2 hours ago and was gonna text you to say hi but didn't cuz I got busy here at work and look - here you are thinking about me too! :-) It really gets me all warm and tingly when that happens.
    So what's the latest with you and Dr. Natural? I see you're still here on his site so I guess things must be ahite with you all now? And did you see my latest blog on SoulVeg? I was thinking you might dig it.Delete Comment
  • I got those chest vibrations from that last comment sis... I need you to refrain from saying such things unless you are somewhere that I can give you a big hug immediately after you say them. I love you so much...
    But yeah what did they say when you called them? I didn't really make any inquiry about it myself when I 1st got the message, I just fwd it on to all the sistas I thought that might be interested. Let me know behind the scenes (email) if you want to.
  • HEEEEEYYYYYYY SiSSSSS! :-) Welcome to the crew here. I don't think I'm your only fam here because you know this is one of those ning sites like SoulVeg and LivinginBlack so your friends on those sites are here too. I see you put up ALOT of pics here I ain't never see before. All of them supabad too! But yo what they say when you call them?
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