Temple Hills, MD


October 1

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It's Complicated


Wholistic Health, Futbol, Buddhism, Taoism, Moorish Science, Rastafari, Pan-Africanism, Caribbean Issues

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Vegan Chef, Playwrite, Trini Roots, Fasting Coach, Meditation Guide, Tantric Energy Healer, Suzuki Owner.




Dinner Theater


Finding my personal definition of happiness and maintaining its manifestation continuously.

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  • Hello! Thank you :)
  • Nice!!! I will try to make it Lance!! Call me when u get a chance. Thanks!
  • I just love me some YOU
  • Ok... so I listened to you, and I contacted Dr. Natural and I have been speaking with him a lot.. he's very knowledgeable and nice and maybe that was just a day where he was having "a moment", because as often as I pay attention to patterns and cycles, I have yet to see another occurence like the first time, so my first impression has been restored with a new positive perspective. We have been communicating about him possibly coming down from NY to do a presentation for the children at the group home that I work for. Wouldn't that be great? Also, I'm all for being trainined to become a Raw Vegan Consultant. (yeeeey) for me...
  • I truly miss u! How are u doing Beloved brother?
  • yo...go to Dr. Natural's page... u can look at my commen(s)...
  • xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  • lol... I know u felt me when I gave it to you raw about how I felt. I'm trying not to be ooky, I still posted my profile and pix up like the brotha that created this network asked me to, but I detected some arrogance. I was here at work as u know, and I multi-task a lot, so I was in the middle of answering a call and I and politely asked him to hold, and he sounded like I totally disrupted his whole universe, and then he got irritated (sounded that way at least) when I recited my number to him and I messed up on it.. I was partly nervous because of HOW he was questioning me... and I'm like....u callin for sistas, I'm one of em, trying to work wit YOU...wut's the deal wit all the diva attitude coming from a brotha? I don't know.. I'm doing something new and not judging but that's how I felt that day. It took me a week to do what he requested and now, I'm here! I'm so glad you're here! I love u so so soooooooooo much Lance! Keep your sista outta jail please... lol
  • I hear u, but i'm still freaked oout from the phone call. and i'm so happy you're on here... there's a sense of security for me when u and I are in the same place.
  • Lance... um, I need to tell you about that phone call about the "natural sisters".... maybe it's not arrogance I detected, but on the phone it sure seemed like it... however I made a profile anyway..lol so glad to see someone sane that I know on here! love u!
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