What is spiritual enlightenment? How do you achieve spiritual enlightenment? Call Dr. Natural 718-783-3465 if you desire to become spiritually enlightened.

What is spiritual enlightenment? Is a complete understanding of life and the Universe. 

A detachment of all things impermanent and a complete awareness of everything that is at the moment that it is without thinking about the past and the future. 

Spiritual Enlightenment is when someone self realizes who he is and who is not.  

 The top 15 methods to achieve spiritual enlightenment 

1* Meditation: needs to calm the mind and bring conscious attention to oneself. Shut down external distraction to reduce internal distraction. To be honest with yourself  

2 * Practice Yoga: will help to unite with the Divine 

3* Chanting: To align internal spiritual energy with the Divine. 

4* Pray: listening for God on a contemplative silence 

5* Fasting: to rely on spiritual sustenance of God rather than physical sustenance of food 

6* Dancing, Shaking, Quaking to excess: can initiate the cessation of conscious thought and connect with the source; that catalyzes the enlightenment experience.   

7* Pilgrimage’s: visiting a spiritual retreat help to reduce the mind’s sense of self 

8* Near death experience: brain shutting down and conscious thought ceased 

9* Martial art: allows the mind to quiet and be focused into the body, thereby reducing the body thought 

10* Sensory deprivation tank: to cut off from as many sensory distractions as to be able to enter a deep meditation state 

11* Depression: we are one step away from thinking of nothing when psychological pain becomes too much to bare 

12* Sweat lodges: the body falls into distress then the thought in the brain decreases and becomes less patterned bringing the mind into a much more focused state 

13* Embrace your fears: by not allowing fear to control you by destabilizing your mind and preventing you from taking action on the things you want to or should do 

14* Taking psychedelic or mushrooms or marijuana  

15* Spontaneous enlightenment  

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