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1.) How to become optimally happy.
Happiness is a choice.
Choose to be happy.
Have an attitude of gratitude that you are still breathing.
Choose to be happy from within no what are your circumstances are in the present moment.
List your life's purposes & top 5 passions in life and start spending much more time doing your life's purposes & your passions in life.
Google the benefits of Spiritual Enlightenment & how to achieve Spiritual Enlightenment, print the information, study it then practice whatever you learned.
Be around other happy people, spend time in nature & visit places that brings you joy.
2.) How to become optimally healthy.
Maintain a positive mental attitude no matter the circumstances.
Become an organic alkaline raw vegan, if you cannot do 100% raw then do at least 80% raw vegan.
Exercise at least every other day a half hour or more, bare minimum.
Google examples of cardio, strength training, stretching & balancing exercises. 
Make sure your exercise program includes all 4 types of exercises.
3.) How to become optimally wealthy.
Invest in yourself, life's purposes & passions financially.
Prioritize needs before desires and assets before liabilities.
Create multiple sources of income based upon your life's purposes & passions.
Learn to save as much as possible and create passive sources of income.
It is better to have your assets create money for you rather than you spending a lifetime trading hours for dollars while hating what you do in order to create the dollars which is never enough.
Most people squander their health in search of wealth [never achieving true wealth], only to later squander their wealth [whatever little they saved] in search of health. 
90% of people do not like their JOBS = JUST OVER BROKE!
There is a better way.
Google,, print, study & practice the following information below.
A.) 11 different types of motivation and see which ones are inspiring to you.
B.) 7 habits of highly effective people.
C.) Become principle-centered & solution-oriented.
D.) Write your mission statement & your vision statement and read it every morning before you start your day along with your positive affirmations, prayers and / or chanting "OM".
E.) The 5 agreements.
F.) 8 levels of Maslow's needs and desires.
G.) The benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle and what is the raw vegan lifestyle?
H.) Examples of 4 prong exercises - cardio, strength training, stretching & balancing.
I.) The best nutritional, herbal supplementation and free health information 
J.) Eating documentary by Mike Anderson and the original Secret documentary by Rhonda Byrne.
K.) Any video by Dr. Richard Schulze of American Botanical Pharmacy.
L.) Maximum Achievement of your goals and Accumulation of riches by Brian Tracy.
 Call Dr. Natural for the 30 steps to a happy, healthy & wealthy life and for the best books, DVDs, CDs, Charts on creating optimal happiness, health & wealth call Dr. Natural 718-783-3465 and join
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