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As Africa’s earliest formation of a Supreme Being, the “Great Mother was successively called Goddess Net”; “Universal Mother”; “Heavenly Mother”; and “Divine Mother.” Each term indicated Her ability to assume Metaphorical roles which matched a piece of a Spiritual Element already a birth gift within each human. Every role, a Symbol, conveys realizations of, and ideas, about the infinite as well as Standards/Filters/Guides for certain living practices. Each Symbol’s ‘payload’ is able to awaken one's consciousness to a new awareness of the inner meaning of life and reality itself–an awareness penetrating to ones deepest inner Self where contacts are made with other creatures, creations, and God. For example, the role of the Goddess Ma’at represents Mythical Truths observable by the people for what is “Right” living. Mythical Truths refer to the existence and ways of a Spiritual entity’s inferred “what it does” and its various “how it appears” forms. Ma’at’s inferred Supernatural origin out of God’s Infinite Mind, said Tehuti (?12,500 BC), was as a finite Cosmic Womb consisting of the Cosmic Body of God–a Womb called the Subjective Realm–a Womb containing the Celestial Ocean of Nun (“kaos” or Spiritual Chaos). This Great Mother’s Primordial Ocean of Uterine Blood–the Generative Womb of All–represents the Cosmic Wholism Circle–a Circle composed of the Spiritual Elements in a state of “Potential Possibilities” for everything needed in the Cosmos. But it is also a state of “No Thing” (called “Nothingness”–“Void”). These Spiritual Elements, orchestrated by the Cosmic Intelligence, are ever-ready to become any of God’s creatures (e.g. humans) and creations. The Spiritual Energy of this Cosmic Organism has God’s vibration rates–the highest of all rates–rates impressed on every human newborn’s Soul so it can last ‘forever.’ 

The Shapes/Patterns of each Spiritual Elements’ impression are what enables one to always discover, by looking within ones Soul (i.e. Intuit), what is Spiritually “Right”. To serve as a practical source for illustrating “Right” living, Very Ancient African Groits (storytellers) used Metaphorical Symbols because they disregard the limitations and boundaries of human thought in order to impart ideas of the indescribable. Spiritual Metaphors are tools to discover alternate ways to the “What it is” of a thing–i.e. its true Knowledge as well as to the “That it is” (Primary Qualities). One of those Symbolic Messages is that out of the rhythm of “The Great Mother’s Womb” come three basic things: First, a Moral Order where things are right when there is harmony; and something is wrong when there is disharmony. Second, her Womb Rhythm indicates Aesthetic Order that accounts for Beauty and any interference with that Order makes for “Ugly.” Third, Messages from her Womb Rhythm are recognized Mythic Truths. All judgments in conformity with her Womb Rhythm are within the realm of the Spiritual Elements–and therefore provide Certainty everyone can rely on. Whatever has Certainty is Metaphysical Knowledge. Anything outside Certainty and Physical Knowledge (dealing with mathematically proven “Facts”), no matter how tiny the flaw, is a false representation–e.g. Information. In the USA “schooling” system–and having decades of education and training after college– we was never taught Metaphysical Knowledge! Since all the worlds, both in life and of death, had their existence within “The Great Mother’s Womb,” and since living things could only be made by females, beginning African Mythology spoke of a “Creatress” rather than a “Creator.” From that time onward they deemed the most prominent divinities to be female, including the Supreme Being. So pervasive and persisting was this concept that Ancient Egyptians traced their descent through mothers, calling themselves “X, born of the Lady Y,” omitting their father’s name. Egyptian queens were more respected than kings. Pharaohs ruled by matrilineal succession and styled themselves “Rulers from the Womb.” Today, all of this elevating/equating of females to males is anti-European. 

Outside Africa, the African Great Mother and her Spirituality influence were worshipped world-wide–everywhere antedating and predominating over any of their unique concepts of a God. In particular, “The Great Mother” of Africa was said to represent a Supernatural Metaphysical Symbol–the arch personification of the power of Space, Time, and Matter–within whose bounds all beings arise and die. People of all cultures believed She was the Substance of their bodies–a Configurator of their lives and thoughts–a Receiver of their dead. Everything having form or name within Her womb–whether personified as good/evil, merciful/wrathful–was Her child. In Europe, She was thought to be the sole omnipotent deity. In the ancient Roman world before Christ, the African Great Mother had expressed Itself in the popular cults of Africa’s Auset (Isis) and Ausar (Osiris)–and statues of them can be seen in basements of European cathedrals to this day. In Rome, these cults had numerous followers in every strata of society–from the common man to the emperor. Roman tombs of the rich and noble were carved with the symbols of Ausar (Osiris), son of the Great Mother. The Roman goddess Diana was the same as the Greek Artemis–and both were simply imitations of the Black African goddess Bast. And all were painted black. Africans painted the goddess Bast black because the original Madonna and Son were their very own black skinned Auset (Isis) and her Black son Heru (Horus). Walker (Women’s Encyclopedia p233) states: “Roman towns all over Europe habitually called the local mother goddess Diana (who was painted black), as later Christian towns were to call her Madonna.” The cult of the European Virgin Mary is thought to have sprung from the cult of Diana. In 431 AD, at the Council of Ephesus, because of her “black skin”–the Great Mother African Isis was replaced with the Supernatural (i.e. man-made) created Virgin Mary, a “white skin” European. More importantly, Europeans converted God into a Man–therefore into an idol–a statement documented in the book: Ancient African Bible Messages before discovering the European Carl Jung said it in “Man and his Symbols” (p224). 

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