Dr. Natural’s Sample Daily and / or 30 Day Schedule

For Optimal Happiness, Health & Wealth

[30 steps]


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If you are able to accomplish all 30 steps

In one day = EXCELLENT

Everyone should at least be able to accomplish all 30 steps within every 30 days.

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1.) 6 AM Positive affirmations, meditation, chanting, prayers for better values, better character, more awareness, more spiritual enlightenment [Not for things & circumstances – God is not Santa Claus], deep diaphragm breathing, etc.

2.) 6:30 AM Dry skin brushing with a skin brush, loofah sponge, etc.  followed by alternating hot & cold shower 7 seconds each while using coarse exfoliating gloves instead of a washcloth, 7 cycles, make sure you have a good quality shower filter and do a nose rinse with a Neti pot using Himalayan pink salt.

3.) 7 AM Tongue scraping with a tongue scraper, floss with vegan floss, brush teeth with a healthy tooth brush, natural toothpaste and use oral therapy mouthwash.

4.) 7:15 AM Pure alkaline water, herb teas, fresh squeezed juices and / or organic fruit smoothies or green smoothies with Super food nutritional supplement and Echinacea plus herbal formula.

5.) 7:30 AM Exercise – which should include stretching, cardio, strength training and balancing exercises.

Try Rebounding and Tibetan 5 Rites exercises as shown on Youtube.com or Dr. Natural. 

6.) 12 PM Organic alkaline raw vegan lunch. If anyone desires cooked organic vegan cuisine use glass cookware such as corning vision cookware, never use aluminum cookware or any other toxic metals for cooking or boiling water and never use a microwave.

7.) 1 PM Sunbathe on both sides of your body for at least 15 minutes each side.

8.) 6 PM Clean and de-clutter your home environment using all natural cleaning products and give away and / or sell your excess.

9.) 7 PM Organic alkaline raw vegan dinner with Intestinal Herbal Formula Number One and Intestinal Herbal Formula Number Two. If anyone desires cooked organic vegan cuisine use glass cookware such as corning vision cookware, never use aluminum cookware or any other toxic metals for cooking purposes or boiling water and never use a microwave.

10.) 8 PM Journaling - write down in a journal and / or a diary what happened during the day and how it affected you as well as a written plan (to do list) for your daily success.

11.) 9 PM Cultivate your sexual energy [Tantra yoga].

12.) 9:30 PM Put on a face and / or body clay mask for at least 30 minutes. During this same 30 minute time frame and do a two quart size enema with the strained juice of an organic lemon or a colonic irrigation followed by Dead Sea Salt or seaweed bath, use a good quality bath tub filter followed by a shower with a shower filter.

13.) 10 PM Adequate rest & sleep with adequate ventilation with all of the lights & sounds turned off.

If someone feels the need for some type of light and / or sound to sleep google or go to Youtube.com for the best types of lights, sounds, affirmations, etc. for sleeping purposes and see what works best for you. 



Health steps which should be done throughout the day.

13.) Consume half your body weight in ounces of water and healthy fluids. For example, if you weigh 150lbs consume 75 ounces in fluids daily.

14.) Deep Diaphragm breathing.

15.) Learn how to love yourself & life more.

16.) Maintain only nurturing relationships.

17.) Express yourself clearly to others.

18.) Laugh & smile as much as possible.

19.) Emotional balance.

20.) Help someone whenever possible.

21.) Stop listening to depressing and energy draining information from various sources such as gossiping, certain types of lyrics in music, too much News, certain T.V programs, etc. Collect, listen & watch whatever is most inspiring to you on Youtube, etc.

22.) Identify and follow your life’s purpose based upon your deepest passions and interests with meaningful goals.

23.) Be solution oriented and principle centered.

24.) Always follow your intuition.

25.) Ideal temperature is 60 – 90 degrees and the ideal temperature for food and beverages is room temperature.

26.) Adequate sunshine and full spectrum lighting from full spectrum bulbs. 

27.) Wear cotton and other natural fiber clothing so your skin can breathe.

28.) Use only all natural personal hygiene products, skin & hair care products, etc.

“If you can’t put in your body, you should not put it on your body. Your skin breathes and whatever products on put on your skin eventually reaches your bloodstream and whatever products you on your hair & scalp can eventually make it to your brain, especially products containing lye which comes in many different names so always wear a natural hairstyle the way God and nature intended.

29.) Use all natural cleaning products.

30.) Use a squatting stool every time you sit on the toilet at home & Air Detox spray formula made from organic plant based essential aromatherapy oils. Air Detox is the most powerful and all natural germ killing formula whose scents lifts the spirits and clears the mind and can be used as an air freshener for your home, car, workplace, etc. especially in every bathroom where there is a toilet. A few drops can be added your cleaning solutions, liquid soaps, etc.

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