Sassy Green Garden Diva

Published on Apr 22, 2013

Chef Von Der Pool's hunger for, and devotion to, healthy eating began as a teenager. Von Der Pool grew up in less than ideal circumstances in Washington DC, which was the murder capital at the time. Von Der Pool had a near-death experience at the age of 16 which led her to make a remarkable 180 degree turnaround. She recalls, "I remember going to school every morning consuming hot chips and blue drinks for breakfast, dodging bullets, and mourning friends dropping like flies to gun violence. "Living in dope-fiend central was no fun, but it empowered me to become the wounded healer. I experienced those things so I would know how to help the people on our planet." Von Der Pool saw the imbalance in her community and decided to help. She began selling raw and vegan meals to go in front of college campuses, including Howard, Georgetown, and American Universities. She got her first notable client at the age of 18 and now heads a thriving green business that boasts an A-list clientele roster of celebrities in business, sports, entertainment, and political arenas.
Vegan and raw culinary expert Lauren Von Der Pool is the multifaceted CEO and Executive Chef of Von Der Pool Gourmet (VDPG), a global, green catering and personal chef company—based in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, CA and Florida. Chef Von Der Pool achieved national acclaim within a few short years. The Le Cordon Bleu Los Angeles and Paris culinary school graduate has worked closely with renowned celebrity chefs and healers like: Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, Martin Yan, Queen Afua, Kyle Cannoughton, Aris La Tham, and Dr. Sebi, among many others. Her A-list celebrity events include the Oscars, Grammy's, Screen Actors Guild Awards, American Music Awards, Congressional Black Caucus, The Magic Show, BET Honors, MTV Video Music Awards, and countless movie premieres. Von Der Pool's brand continues to grow and expand across various platforms as she makes her indelible mark in the health-food field.
White House officials were so impressed with the, 27-year-old CEO's decade-long commitment to the green environment initiative, that they invited her to the White House for the Green Energy Economy Forum. Von Der Pool's words of passion and enthusiasm while speaking at the White House landed her an article in the New York Times, "The White House Young Leaders." VDPG's healthy living platform and crusade to fight obesity subsequently caught the attention of First Lady Michelle Obama. Von Der Pool's passion for raising the consciousness of humanity starting with her local community has led her to being one of Michelle Obama's Chefs for her Obesity Prevention Campaign. Von Der Pool's latest project is her children's recipe book, Superfresh Meals for Kids, which is scheduled to be published this year. She has just launched her product line and is working on a reality cooking TV show to expose the masses, nationwide, to the ins and outs of the VDPG way of life.

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