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Thank You from Lifeit and reflecting on 2009

Greetings Lifeit Family,

Reflecting on 2009, it has been a challenging year in health and finances for a lot of people, but it has also been filled with growth and change. We have lost a lot of people dear to us, not only those in the public eye (Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, etc) but some of our own personal family and friends. We also may have had our own bouts with illness this year. But we are not going down that road any longer, we are still here and we will take control and responsibilty for our health. We will no longer Suffer unneccesarily; we will educate and motivate ourselves and each other. We will take action to get the health that we need and deserve to have a better quality of life and be self sufficient. We do not want to continue to put our health solely in the hands of others and just hope that we will be ok. I myself have a renewed committment to not only reach my goals of optimal health but to assist as many people as I can to do the same. So look out in 2010 for some wonderful things from me, but I need your support and encouragement as well, Let's do it!

Here is a gift from me to you, to express my gratitude and also help you to get on the path to optimal health http://www.lifeitdetox.com/holidayspecial.html. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone that you think needs it. If you have any questions or need anything please email me latrice@lifeitdetox.com.

Thank you,

Latrice Folkes
"Change your Diet into a Lifeit!"

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