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Men's Healing Circle

Divine with the Mask-you-line up with


138 St. James Place, Brooklyn 
First Gathering: April 21st

6:00 - 8:00


As human beings, we are this intricate yet simple creature with multiplicity of dimensions to our perceptions of reality. Each person on this planet embodies masculine and feminine qualities. Each plant, animal, force of nature is embodying masculine and feminine qualities. The Chinese call it the Yin and Yang; The Vedic text address it as the Prakriti and Purusha or Pingala and Ida. Biology calls its male and female. Esoteric knowledge defines it as the Divine and the Sacred.
In every civilization, there has been a dogma to how we defined our humanity in every individuals role depending on factors from the current society the individual is born into. In most cases of written history, if not all, every civilization has condemned and oppressed divine feminine energy from materializing into a state of shifting the collective consciousness. A persistent cycle of masculine psychosis is what is causing a majority of the pain and suffering being acted unto this planet and the beings whom inhabit it. It is not that masculine energy is wrong here… it is the principle of balancing the constant change of the present paradigms shifting. In the Here and Now, we can clearly see a heavy boundary made between wombman and men in societal terms; in spiritual terms, we can clearly see a motion carrying us to be more open and accepting… uniting within one aim; one truth; love.
So what does this all mean?


"Divine with the Mask-you line with Self" is a space where we can explore the history of masculinity within humanity and the civilization that cultivated the definition of what a "Male" is to be defined as in religious and cultural terms. Diving into the stigmatism and the application of patriarchy in history and in our daily lives, we can analyze and re-narrate our sovereignty in this lifetime, an opportunity where it was not conformed in the past we have the chance to connect Here and Now! This Healing Circles intention is to connect each individual to their divinity, innerstanding the reality of seeing Your Self in All; All in Your Self. As we develop this conscious perception of simply being, we will refine this perspective into a form where one can embody divinity in their own unique and beautiful way. We all are responsible for "acting" or "playing" a role in our community. We will discover the healthy and conscious roles within a Man, as well as the toxic and repulsive forms that repels Men away from the unconditional; the source; love; the divine; whatever you may want to address it as, we are in a current space and time that we can journey into this experience on wholeness with an environment composed of discernment, honor, safety of well-being, empathy, and compassion. 

Come with a open heart and mind to be receptive to each other's stories and group exercises
Tea will be served throughout the course of our bond

May we all rise in equanimity! 



BODY LANGUAGE SERIES April 28th 2pm- 5pm


Before you speak, your body has already spoken.

Do we know the language of the body? The way it communicates?

The Body Language Series workshops is a simple way where one can learn to innerstand and understand the body and mind of human being. To be aware of the self you are means to innerstand the intelligent design that we have all been composed into. To be applying this information in your reality means understand the truth of how this mechanism called a human being works.


There is a purpose to everything that is created and destroyed; there is a reason to everything being creative and destructive. In these workshops, you will learn to see the signs of imbalances due to excessive or lacking qualities we produce through the different bodies a person experiences their life within.

The Body Language Series workshops are a continuous course that will begin with the foundation of simple principles to the Human being developing into more refined concepts as more workshops from the Body Language Series are presented for your journey into Self.


There are two different workshops to this series. Although they are two different workshops, they are both intimate and intertwined (highly encouraging taking both).

Both workshops are developed through the knowledge of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and energetic principles of alchemy.



Holistic Body Language  - a workshop guided to educate a person about their physical body, the natural mechanisms and signs. Your body speaks, so what is it trying to tell you? Whats going on inside?


Face Mapping (the boundaries and structures of the face)

Body Mapping (The forms of the body exhibiting from communicating to stimuli)

Reflexology (The relationship between nerves and bodily organs and muscle)

Celestial Body Language - a workshop guided to educate a person about their subtle body; the emotional and mental actions and impressions that lead to a physical trait or behavior. Your personality speaks for itself, how can you communicate with the energy of your body and how will it listen? How are to receive its signals (signs) and what are you going to do about it?


The spirit of facial expressions (The psychological and energetic make up of facial


Cymatic Breathing (Body Posture and Breathing techniques)

Mudras (Intention and hand gestures)


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