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  • 7lbs in 7 Days DVD - 150 minutes
  • Detox, Lose Weight and Improve Your Health and Vitality
  • FREE BONUS: A3 Wall Planner with Juice Recipes (Valued at $7.99!)
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7lbs in 7 Days - Super Juice Detox Diet

Lose up to 7lbs in 7 days with Jason Vale's super juice guided detox. From the man who helped Jordan get her post-baby body back comes a healthy and effective diet and exercise program to reshape your body in just one week and with lasting results.

'7lbs in 7 Days' takes you through 7 days of delicious juice and smoothie recipes! This amazing Detox and Rejuvenation program is now available on DVD and in a world first is available online outside of the United Kingdom through the 'FoodMatters.tv' website.

This DVD will help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Improve your mental clarity
  • Boost your immune function
  • Help you give up bad foods and old unhealthy habits
  • Overcome cravings and change your lifestyle for the better, forever

"The juice program works! And if it can work for me
I believe it can work for anyone."
- Jordan (Katie Price)

This DVD is packed full of:

  • Juice and Smoothie Recipes
  • How-to information on juicing
  • Motivational tips plus
  • FREE A3 wall planner valued at $7.99! (Scroll down for more information)

About the Program

Jason has designed this highly motivational program for effective speedy weight loss. The '7lbs in 7 days - Super Juice Diet' can help you get in shape for summer or look sensational in that little black dress. With his simple diet and exercise program and inspirational message, you will not only lose weight, but also have higher energy levels, clearer skin and be set free from the dieting trap forever.

Unlike most unhealthy weight loss programs Jason Vales carefully designed program will power-pack your body with nutrients and enzymes for the ultimate body boost to help you keep the weight off permanently.

'7lbs in 7 days' has become known as 'The celebrity Juice Diet' popularized by Jordan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore, all who have been reported to have completed this 7 day program and are now big fans of juicing.

This From Jason Himself:

"Juicing has changed my life beyond all recognition. I used to smoke 40-60 cigarettes a day; I like my drink (as they say) I was more that partial to the odd bit of junk food, and as a result, I was also fat. On top of that I had severe Asthma to the point where I had to use the blue and brown inhalers and was having 10-16 puffs a day on them. I also developed eczema, mild acne, bad hay fever, and very, very, severe Psoriasis. In short, I wasn’t exactly in the best of health and my energy levels were often right through the floor.

I am now in the fortunate position of being free from smoking, drinking and junk food. My Asthma has vanished, my eczema and acne have gone my Psoriasis has cleared by over 90% and I am no longer overweight. In fact, on the health front I’m one happy camper! I am now also lucky to be able to help people who find themselves in a similar position to the one I was in."

- Jason Vale aka 'The Juice Master'

Free Bonus Wall Planner Valued at $7.99!

Stay on track with this handy A3 wall planner! The perfect companion to the '7lbs in 7 Days' program. Stick it on your fridge or next to your juicer and refer to it as often as you need. The planner includes details of all the recipes and juices throughout the program in an easy to read layout.

 Printed on heavyweight and water resistant paper.

"I've spent less time and money on shopping, it's just so simple and there's no deliberating on what to buy, or scanning packets for calorie content, or calculating points values, or assessing GI indexes - it's just so simple and it works, it really, really works! Thank you.” - Helen

Own '7lbs in 7 Days' on DVD Today

Your Price: $24.95 USD
SRP: $29.95 USD

  • 150 Minute Guided Juice Detox DVD
  • FREE BONUS: A3 Wall Planner with Juice Recipes (Valued at $7.99!)
  • Detox, Lose Weight and Improve Your Health and Vitality
  • Share your progress and experience on www.OurFoodMatters.tv forum
  • Ships Internationally
  • Encoded For All Regions

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