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The Best Kept Secret To Staying Raw

As "The Raw Food Coach" the main focus of my work is helping people to go raw and stay raw, and if you've been reading my work for a while you'll know that I've written about the importance of three main factors that must come into play for this to be your reality:

1) Having an Inspiring Vision (also known as having "Your BIG WHY")
2) Being prepared to upgrade in any/all areas of your life as and when required to stay "in the flow", true to yourself as well as the the more raw Self you are stepping more fully into
3) Being honest about what isn't working for you and being prepared to leave things behind that bring you down.

Today I'm going to explore this subject further but in a more "extreme" way than I have ever done before. Why? Because this is what I've just been through, and still to some extent are going through, in order to reach my own next level or chapter of my journey.

Interestingly but not unusually, this week I coached a client around this same issue. This is not uncommon, often clients have exactly the same thing going on as the coach, and this was interesting for me to coach externally around and I came to the same conclusion with my client that I have recently come to with myself. And what I have discovered is this: Sometimes knowing your BIG WHY is not enough. Sometimes upgrading is not enough. And very often knowing what's holding you back can exacerbate a problem rather than solve it.

There has to be more, some other level to go to... something that is beyond what I have been prescribing for myself and clients for the past few years...

...And then in that coaching session it hit me: The truth of the matter is, sometimes a complete reinvention is what's called for... and yes, this can be both majorly exciting and/ or super downright scary.

This has come as something of a surprise in some respects and yet really, when I reflect upon this awareness I realise I am not as surprised as I thought, this is not actually a "new" realisation, it is simply one that I haven't been prepared to fully acknowledge before for fear of what it may mean - both to me and for others. But when a Truth is a Truth, we have no real choice but to run with it, and this is what my client and myself are about to do!

There is nothing I love more when uncovering these "Truths" than to work out why this must be so. And as I share this with you a corresponding awareness has already sprung to mind. Every day cells in our body die and new ones are created. The old cells are not "upgraded" they are REPLACED. Physically speaking, it is cited that we become biologically recreated cell-by-cell in just one year. And this is my point. Upgrading sometimes is insufficient, a very poor second, if what's going on in the inside is way beyond that and is quite literally creating brand new territory in (literally) which to live. I now believe that on a very deep and cellular level we are called to do the same thing around our outer terrain - in the way we live our lives, the choices we make, the actions we take and the way we show up for ourselves and others - essentially what I am speaking about is completely recreating the environment we choose create and co-create to spend our life energy in. Pretty incredible don't you think?

For anyone who has been into raw foods in a significant way for more than a few months I'm sure you will already be starting to understand what I mean. And when I reflect back on my own journey, it was after a few solid-ish months on raw foods that I realised that for me to be truly happy and truly myself, pretty much my whole life was going to have to change - and it did!

My error has been in thinking that this is a one- or two- off event, or something that happens in "the early days". Now I recognise that these reinventions have to happen on a fairly regular basis - as soon as our whole person dictates. As soon as we feel stuck or as if we need to eat junk foods to lower our vibration or awareness (to mirror back our stuckness), instead of resorting to a large tub of Ben & Jerry'sor simply trying to tweak a few things, if a pattern persists and all of the lower-level approaches are not working then this should be taken as our sign to dig as deep as we possibly can into our own current personal Truth and remodel our lives to accommodate that which we have already (silently) become, or very much desire or need to become.

So what does this mean for myself, yourself and others on this life-changing path?

It means total transparency inside and out as we recognise fully that the raw food journey is not only a fantastic way to eat and experience life physically, but just as much, if not more so, a portal to a new approach to living that means there are limitless possibilities upon limitless possibilities, and we get to "play" or "pause" on all of that. (It's knowing we have the option and are in control that counts). And the more I reflect on this, the more this crazy apparently random stage that we call life begins to have a beautiful expansive look and feel to it that should serve to be a comfort to us all rather than be seen as something scary. Fear exists when we are "out of love", with fear being the polar opposite of love. By stepping fully into all that raw food holistically means, we get to step into love and stay there for as long as we give ourselves permission to do so. And that isn't and shouldn't be seen as scary, in its most pure and innocent state it is of course a truly wonderful place to be.

When so many people in this world wish they were somewhere else, or living different lives, being happier or sometimes even wanting to end it all, it's quite amazing to recognise that when we choose to move with our body in this natural cycle of continual re-birthing, especially and specifically on high quality pure live food nutrition, we stay with love, we stay "in flow" and in doing so, we are constantly and gratefully at peace with ourselves, the world and the universe. And even though we are earthbound and sometimes fall into mistakenly believing that we are "only human", when we choose to live this way accepting that reinvention (and sometimes on a huge scale) is a natural part of the raw food journey and to be welcomed as a good sign, then no matter where we may be in the world geographically speaking, if we stay in this space of rolling with "what is" then we'll always be at home, at peace and in line with our truest Self - and that of course is a great place to be.


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