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An organic NEW MLM company that MAY just be for YOU...

I imagine that when you hear "MLM company", you usually cringe, just like me... However, there's a new MLM that may be right up your street. I LOVE this idea!!! This is an MLM company based around growing, selling and eating CERTIFIED ORGANIC FRESH PRODUCE!

In fact, with this project, you get your own personal organic garden plot with 24-hour camera surveillance. No matter where you live in the USA, you can now have your own garden plot to grow food on, all managed by the OrganicAcres crew. This is a totally unique idea and business, which could literally revolutionise organic food sourcing for people nationwide - we're VERY excited to see how it unfolds!

It is unlikely that you will even be able to utilize all the food that will grow on your plot and whatever you don't use, you can just sell to others in the online community created by OrganicAcres. It is pretty much a way to get ALL your fresh Raw Food for "FREE!". Additionally, as you personally reap the benefits from this, it will also be easy for you to bring others in to do the same thing. This is where you have the potential to actually MAKE money, if others sign up from your recommendation!

This company is BRAND NEW and actually hasn't even launched yet. I believe it is going to launch within the next couple of months and EXPLODE! This means that anyone who gets involved now will be at the TOP of the company "pyramid" structures, with the founders placing people right beneath you in the company structure. ADDITIONALLY, the first 2000 people to sign up become owners of the company, and receive 2% of all the profits generated by the company. The creators of this organization assured me that if you sign up (for free) this week, you will definitely be included in that list of 'owners'.

Right now it costs NOTHING to sign up. I would suggest clicking the link below ASAP if only to reserve your spot as a 2% owner of the company and also claim your spot up at the top of this pyramid structure. I would even suggest signing yourself up and then asking your spouse/partner/friends to do the same, using your code, so you build your pyramid immediately. If you decide that you don't like the idea of being involved when the company launches, you have no obligations and you can just drop it all.

So click HERE, scroll down and fill in all your information, if you're interested. If I were you, I would select the Full Garden option, for the HIGHEST potential with this company that is set to BOOOM! You can always downgrade at the snap of the finger. It's really simple to fill out this form and it only takes seconds.

I see this as pretty much a win-win situation for EVERYONE involved. The creators of Organic Acres have made it SO EASY for participants to benefit and even make money through doing this, with no need to "push" it to others (unlike other MLMs ;). On a full garden you spend $100 a month in maintenance fees. In return, not only do you receive whatever certified organic produce is growing in your garden (you choose what gets planted there), but they also give you a $100 debit card every month to use at their online store, which will have products that you would normally buy in your health food store. It's just rebate after rebate and benefit after benefit with these guys...I get such a good feeling for what they're offering people. No matter WHERE you live in the USA, you can get fresh certified organic produce delivered to your door, which you've chosen to grow on your own plot!

So click HERE, and you can quickly fill out your information in less than a minute to sign up and reserve your TOP SPOT! ENJOY!
Love, Sarah


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