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Imagine having lunch with a world leader in natural health, a top scientist, or a celebrity, and you’re discussing how they struggled and recovered from injury, illness or addiction. And what if, along with their stories, you get solid advice for your own life?
Well, I’m bringing you 21 such lunches...
My colleague, Prof. Johanna Sophia, has invited 21 awe inspiring experts to discuss how delicious raw foods can become your medicine!
I’m so honored to be one of the experts! It is a huge global movement and the event is supported by Paul McCartney's Meat Free Mondays office, by Russell Simmons, and by The Real Truth About Health Conference.
Our event: RAW RECOVERY SUMMIT­ - How Delicious Raw Foods Can Restore Your Health ...At Any Age
is an online event for intelligent health seekers.
The entire event is FREE.. We are inviting you and about ½ million people and we want you to invite your friends as well. This really is a Global Movement!
Click Here and Join Us:  Get ACCESS:
You will discover that it can be surprisingly fast to recover from
*overweight, *bad skin, *heart disease, *diabetes… and… and… and...
But, but, you love, love, LOVE your food!
Of course! you can and should indulge in and enjoy delicious food!
It’s all about the WHAT and the HOW.
Plus, being part of a supportive network always leads to faster results. And you’re joining one!
Click Here and Join Us ACCESS the Interviews:
Would you please partner with me so we can spread the word even further?
Share this link with your buddies, parents, kids, friends and foes…
and anyone who could benefit from having lunch with the greats!
Click Here and Join the SUMMIT
With Love,

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