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Greetings LIB Cyber Nation Family,


I spoke with Baba Keidi yesterday.  And as an LIB administrator, I feel so frustrated, disappointed and exhausted as well...  The economic downturn at times leaves us lacking.


Yet as a Montu fighter, I got another breath in me so I requesting us all to take a deep inspiration to weigh our options.  Can we breathe Ankh (Life) into those manifestations we Love?  Be and it “IS”!


Our choices are to accept an end to our cyber nation or finance it properly for perpetuity.


1- I mentioned again, to Baba Keidi that “IF” we charged everyone a usage premium membership of just $1.00 per month will that keep us afloat.  Yes!?  He said.  However, only about 30 to fifty people are active on LIB and that wouldn’t solve it.  Noted!  We have a weak participation issue that needs tweaked... 

2- Keidi mentioned how we usually contribute when we get several extra items in return.  Noted! We always want the hook up... 

3- Keidi mentioned that LIB members respond to him more on facebook (a CIA tool) than on our own LIB site.  Noted!  We have to infiltrate/ invite new members from other social networks...


We have more than these issues, yet, “IF” we address just these three can we redirect our course towards success?


Therefore, I’m polling our 8000+ LIB Cyber Nation Members to respond asap,  to these suggestions and three “solution based” questions.


1-      A free basic member can update their personal page and see LIB’s front screen only.  A premium member has access to the entire site.  Would each of you agree to pay a premium membership fee of $1.00 per month?  (Yes / No)

2-      As an added value for being a premium member, would 10 free monthly downloads of our favorite LIB’s archived audio/ visual and PDF files give you the feeling of a great hook up?   (Yes / No)

3-      To expand our sphere of influence, would you join, befriend and post on the multiple social media networks (facebook, linkedin, tweet, ect) monthly invitations to join LIB?  (Yes / No)


If you answer: Yes/ Yes/ Yes to these questions, let’s get busy restructuring LIB so that we won’t miss a beat.  We will need a new fresh team of LIB administrators to share site responsibility and restore our legacy. 


Family LIB Cyber Nation,

Brother Keidi - The creator of LIB is really what we need to support.  LIB the ning site is but a small manifestation of the total vision.  The couple hundred bucks or so a month to pay for the ning site is not really why Keidi is burned out, shutting down and moving on...  It is the drain on his spirit and non-support of his basic human needs.  Those that know and can feel it, pause, and meditate on that for a moment.

A Solution, a Potential Bright Side...

Let's imagine one best possibility for instance.  100 active premium LIB members each invite 50 new $1* or $5 or $10 month premium members in by next week.  This totals at least $$5100 in a month.  This would solve LIB's immediate financial problem.  Then we can stay on course for LIB and Keidi.  It is up to us to stop procrastinating and begin movement to do for self.  We're online already so, passionately invite our family in...  Yes, everyone just lovingly invite those that you know are qualified to help.

I'm sure that the frustrating part in Keidi's, mines, yours and other people that give and have given their life to support us to achieve our best lot in life is not just getting by from month to month or day by day.  It is being on the verge of a great potential that dies because non-contributor's weight becomes too heavy to carry much further. 

We need your participation!

Ideally, if we get 1000 premium members to each get 50 new premium members with the next month and each and every month will total $51,000 per month to start.  This is ideal.  "IF" this compounded monthly is realized by only 10% we'd still be doing GREAT!   Then we can brainstorm together in manifesting collaborative boot strap joint ventures with our family globally.  We can realize your dream, brother's dream, sistar's dream, our dreams can become a reality.  Wow, sounds like a functional conscious community plan to me.  How about you?..  If so, then - I'm online daily now to approve new members asap. Really, this IS within our grasp.  Let's get it done.

If anyone wants to implement this and/ or other solutions, please call me.  We can conference with Keidi.

Htpu,  Asante Sana,

Bro. Dr. Ahmses Maat LIB Adminitrator


951-552-3924 cell

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